Reeves County (Pecos)

                            Trey Wilson San Antonio                         

Architect: Trost & Trost.

Year Built: 1937.

The Reeves County Courthouse is located in Pecos, Texas (not to be confused with Pecos County whose county seat is Fort Stockton). The courthouse is a textured buff brick structure whose brown color seems to blend in with the landscape.

From the Reeves County – Pecos, Texas Historical Marker:

Flat, arid, grassy land with a moderate water supply from the Pecos River and springs in Toyah Valley. Yuma Indians are thought to have done irrigated farming here in 16th century. Mexicans later raised vegetables, grain.

Cattlemen moved in during the 1870s. Texas & Pacific Railway opened route to El Paso in 1882. Farmers, merchants, mechanics settled in Pecos City and Toyah. County was organized in 1884.

Modern irrigated agriculture began about 1900. Only dam on Pecos River in Texas was built in this county 1935. Privately owned deep wells are also used.