Contract & Earnest Money Disputes

My San Antonio real estate law firm routinely handles disputes that arise out of agreements for the purchase and sale of real estate (Earnest Money Contracts), including issues related to the results of title work (i.e removing encumbrances), extending closing dates, payment of closing costs and brokers’ commissions, improper termination, financing impediments, expired contingencies and other forms of default.

We have proved particularly adept at enforcing available remedies (under a contract’s express terms and the law, generally) when either a Buyer or Seller breaches a real estate purchase agreement.

I have recovered earnest money, obtained specific performance, and secured damages on behalf of Buyers and Sellers when the opposite party has breached their contractual obligations. In some instances, we have even been successful in bringing a breaching party back into compliance so that a transaction that was DOA eventually closed successfully.

Having drafted hundreds of real estate contracts and conveyance instruments, I possess an enhanced understanding of the remedies available under the simplest of contracts (including TAR and TREC forms) and the most complex.  In addition, I take pride in staying abreast of new rulings by Texas courts in cases involving the enforcement of real estate agreements and earnest money disputes.

If the opposite party to your real estate contract defaults, be sure to contact an experienced real estate lawyer who can explain the gamut of available remedies, risks and costs.