Schedule a Consultation – Strategy Session

Contact Attorney Trey Wilson’s office to schedule a Consultation/Strategy Session.

Trey’s Consultation Fee for 2021 is $500.00. Follow this link to learn WHY WE CHARGE A CONSULTATION FEE.

Our consultations are  specifically designed to benefit the prospective client — and not as a lawyer marketing ploy. We strive too deliver value and each of our consultations include:

  • review and analysis of relevant documents beforehand;
  • identification and evaluation of the viability of the prospective client’s claims or defenses;
  • assessment of potential outcomes and possible resolutions; and
  • frank discussion of probable costs of your handling your legal matter.

Trey Wilson understands that not everyone in the market for a real estate attorney is willing or able to pay a Consultation Fee.  Experience has shown, however, that prospective clients who are serious about finding the right lawyer consider Trey’s consultations extremely beneficial and well worth the cost.

Prior to conducting the Consultation, you will be asked to sign a Consultation Agreement and pay the Consultation Fee through this website.

***Please note that most transactional matters (contract review, deed or instrument drafting) do not require a consultation.***

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