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San Antonio Real Estate Lawyer

Why choose me as your Real Estate Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas?

Experience – especially relevant experience – and a proven track record of success are of the utmost importance when hiring an attorney. I have an abundance of both.

While there is nothing wrong with having a general law practice, the nuances, complexities, and technicalities of the various legal disciplines make it impossible for any lawyer to master them all. For 15+ years, I have sharply focused my practice on real estate and water law. I also hold a real estate salesperson license issued by the Texas Real Estate Commission, and manage a small real estate agency. Real Estate is what I do and love.

I have handled hundreds of real estate transactions, slugged it out in countless real estate disputes, and obtained innumerable court victories and substantial settlements in real estate-related lawsuits. My firm regularly represents real estate professionals and brokerages, and we counsel brokers, Realtors, developers, title companies, lenders, landowners, investors, buyers, sellers and lessors. Our satisfied client list includes in-house counsel, CEOs, senior military officers, governmental entities, financial institutions, ranchers, attorneys, physicians, and hard-working blue collar citizens.

I was born and graduated high school within 1 mile of the Bexar County Courthouse. Within this radius exist the halls of power, corporate headquarters, seat of local government, public housing, and urban blight. My life experience prior to and during my legal career has afforded me unique acceptance and insight into the diverse, sometimes disparate communities that have melded to form modern San Antonio. I live, work and thrive between the worlds of the mighty and the powerless, and have carefully constructed a law practice that allows me to champion the clients and cases I accept without regard to social status. I routinely serve as both a potent voice for the vulnerable and fierce advocate for the influential.

As a life-long San Antonian and seasoned local attorney, I have established significant connections in the San Antonio and Texas Hill Country real estate industry and cultivated strategic alliances with other lawyers. I am familiar to the local and regional judges, and have repeatedly been recognized by my peers as one of San Antonio’s “Best” real estate lawyers (for both transactions and litigation)*. While these accolades are flattering, I take the most pride in the invaluable friendships I have formed with my clients over the past (almost) quarter-century. Many of these relationships began with crisis, but have resulted in foxhole friendships that are the hallmark of my professional fulfillment.

*As tabulated by and published in Scene in SA Magazine in their annual “Best Lawyers” issue for years.