As real estate lawyers in San Antonio, our practice routinely includes drafting and negotiation of residential and commercial leases, and handling all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship from beginning to end.

While we frequently represent tenants (“lessees”) and landlords (“lessors”) under Commercial Lease Agreements, we exclusively represent the Landlord/Owner (“lessor”) and/or Property Manager under residential leases and in evictions.

Our landlord-tenant real estate practice regularly involves providing advice, counsel and representation concerning:

  • Commercial Lease Drafting and Negotiation
  • Residential Lease Drafting and Negotiation
  • “Lease-to-Own” and Lease Option Document Drafting
  • Lease Breach Disputes
  • Tenant default (monetary and non-monetary)
  • Lockout
  • Repair and deduct claims
  • Security Deposit Accounting and Refund Claims – “bad faith”
  • Repair and Maintenance disputes / Repair & Deduct Remedies
  • Tenant Build-out / Tenant Improvement Allowances
  • Security Device Claims
  • Damage to Leasehold Premises / Property Damage
  • Personal Guarantee
  • FE & D – Eviction (Representing Landlord Only)
  • Theft or Damage to Leased Premises
  • Abandonment of Leased Premises
  • Suits to Collect Unpaid Rent

We also provide regular advice and general counsel to a variety of commercial and residential property management firms and professional managers across San Antonio and the surrounding communities.