Destruction of trees and vegetation and other injury to real property occurs as the result of negligence, mistake or intentional act.  Texas law provides remedies to landowners for damage to their lands resulting from the acts of another.

Our San Antonio Real Estate Lawyers intimately understand the legal complexities  governing the measure of compensation due to an injured landowner. Whether acres of trees in a heavily wooded area are clear cut, or  an overly zealous carelessly damages your prized oak, we can help.

The recovery available for damage to real property turns on the duration of the injury (temporary versus permanent), and the nature of the harm (the extent to which the value of the property as a whole is diminished).  We are experienced in determining costs of restoring damaged land, calculating loss of fair market value (diminution), and proving the intrinsic damage of destroyed vegetation.

We have obtained significant recoveries for clients from neighboring landowners, land services/clearing contractors, real estate brokers and surveyors who caused or contributed to tree destruction and other damage to land.  Our past cases have involved confusion over the location of property boundaries, misplaced fences, inaccurate surveys and carelessness.

If another has damaged your property by clearing, cutting trees, disturbing soil or constructing roadways or other improvements, you may be entitled to compensation.