My New Education Endeavor – Great Trials of World History Course

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I have always enjoyed studying and discussing details of ancient and modern trials of significant import. The details of some of these trials, such as the trial of Jesus and Salem Witch Trials, are widely-known. Others are far more esoteric. 

My passion for reading about historical trials has frequently led me to the Famous Trials website created by Professor Douglas O. Linder. The site is a great resource for those interested in the basic facts and circumstances surrounding numerous important trials that have been conducted over the past 2000+ years. The website lays out the basic facts and circumstances of each trial, and provides an excellent synopsis of the witness, evidence and outcome. 

Sadly, it had been quite sometime since I’ve studied visited  the site.

Like so many people around the globe, the coronavirus effect has left me with significantly more “downtime” than I’m accustomed to. Admittedly, some of this time has been wasted  streaming mind-numbing movies and pointlessly surfing the internet. But I’ve had enough of that and am determined to use the extra time for self-improvement.  

One of the ways I’ve tried to execute this personal productivity charge is by signing up for the Great Courses lecture series.   As much as I had hoped to enhance my knowledge of a topic far-filed from everyday life, old habits due hard.  I guess that’s why the first series I signed up for is 24 lectures about “The Great Trials of World History.”  And the lecturer is a familiar face… Professor Linder.

The first lecture is about the Trial of Socrates. While I know that this trial ends with a penalty of death by drinking the executioner’s cup of hemlock.  Supposedly, Socrates also uttered his famous phrase after the verdict:

“the unexamined life is not worth living.”

This course should be interesting…