Brewster County Courthouse (Alpine)

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Architect: Thomas Lovell.

Year Built: 1887.

The Brewster County Courthouse is located in Alpine, Texas.

From the Historical Marker:

“Brewster County Courthouse. Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works Project no. 9604 State Historical Survey Committee Texas courthouse building erected in 1887 when Brewster County was created. Served Buchel and Foley Counties until these areas were added to Brewster County. Courthouse Square still is community center for various events. Recorded Texas historic landmark – 1965.”

This Courthouse is unique in that it once served multiple Texas counties, to include the now-defunct counties of Buchel and Foley.

Architect Tom Lovell  built the Denton County Courthouse in 1896 and Texas courthouses in Hardeman, Brazoria, Hill, Runnels, Brown, Childress, Hamilton, Coryell, and McLennan counties.

Lovell also built U.S. post offices in Leadville, Colorado; Enid, Oklahoma; and Provo, Utah; and the Phoenix, Arizona, State Capitol.