Edwards County (Rocksprings)

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Architect: Ben Davey and Bruno Schort

Year Built: 1891

The Edwards County Courthouse is located in Rocksprings,Texas in the western part of the Texas Hill Country. Rocksprings is situated on top of Edwards Plateau and got its name from the natural Rock Springs that bubble out of rock crevices in the area.

This courthouse has withstood a fire, an F 5 tornado in 1927, and a lynch mob burning an inmate at the stake in 1910.

This excerpt is taken from an article in County Progress:

The 1891 Edwards County Courthouse has stood the test of time and disaster. In 1897 the county capitol was engulfed in flames with only the stone walls surviving. In 1927 a tornado struck the county seat of Rocksprings, tearing the roof off of the courthouse. Additional damage was caused by yet another fire, perhaps ignited by lightening from the viscous storm.