Willacy County (Raymondville)

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Architect: Henry T. Phelps

Year Built: 1922

The Willacy County Courthouse is located in Raymondville – part of the Rio Grande Valley in Deep South Texas.

Raymondville was formed in 1904 by Edward Burleson Raymond, a foreman of the El Sauz Ranch portion of the King Ranch and owner of the Las Majadas Ranch.

Willacy County  was the 253rd county to be formed and was named for state senator John G. Willacy.

Willacy County is in the area of Texas first known to White men. In 1519 the coast was mapped and named Amichel by Alonzo Álvarez de Pineda. In the 1530s it was crossed by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca. In 1554 a fleet of twenty ships was wrecked on South Padre Island, which is within the borders of Willacy County (see PADRE ISLAND SPANISH SHIPWRECKS OF 1554). The area of the county was under the jurisdiction of Nuevo Santander, and a survey was made as early as July 1790.

The courthouse was once a grand building, but as of 2021 it was in desperate need of restoration.