Texas Courthouse Tour

Trey Wilson AttorneyThere are 254 Texas counties, and many counties have more than one courthouse. Like other enthusiasts, I – with wife and dogs in tow – have set out to visit all of the historic Texas courthouses (yes, that’s a thing), and have dedicated this page to posting pictures and videos from our visits.

I have handled cases in many of these courthouses, but cannot choose a favorite. I love so many of them, but am partial to the designs of architects Alfred Giles and James Riely Gordon, both of whom were very active in and around San Antonio in the 1800s. I am also a fan of W.C. Dodson‘s designs, though his style varied significantly throughout his career.

I hope you enjoy experiencing the many architectural styles of these fantastic buildings.  I will continue to add pictures to this page as we get the chance to experience “new” courthouses.

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-All photos and videos on this page taken by Trey Wilson.

-This page is best viewed on on a desktop. The alignment and labels may be off when viewed from a mobile device.

-Click on the individual photos to enlarge. Some were taken with Canon cameras, and others with iPhones, so quality may vary.

-I make my living doing something other than taking pictures (practicing real estate law), so feel free to share or republish my photos if you are so inclined. I would appreciate photo attribution to @treywilsonattorneytx.

-I post some of the Courthouse photos I take on Instagram at @TreyWilsonAttorneyTx. Look for #texascourthouse and #countycourthouse to see additional pictures taken by me and other Texas courthouse enthusiasts. Sometimes I post short, cheesy courthouse videos to TikTok under my handle @treywilsonattorneytx.

-Learn about the Texas Historical Commission’s Courthouse Stewardship and Historic Courthouse Preservation Programs.

-A sampling of pictures from my visits to other courthouses, including the United States Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C., will also be posted on this page.  I have labeled the non-Texas, replaced and abandoned courthouses as “BONUS.”

– If you are interested in historical Texas Courthouses, here are some great websites:

The Texas State Historical Association‘s Handbook of Texas is my GO-TO resource for research into the counties I visit.