Montgomery County Courthouse (Conroe)

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Architect: Joseph Finger.

Year Built: 1936.

The Montgomery County Courthouse is located in Conroe, Texas.

The current Montgomery County Courthouse is the 5th to serve the County, but only the 2nd to be constructed in Conroe. Prior to 1889, Montgomery was the county seat.

The four-story structure has a modernistic block face with limestone and decorative aluminum spandrels. The facade features relief eagles that are somewhat typical of the Art Deco style of architecture prevalent in the 1930’s. The aluminum grille over the main entry doors and numberless square clock also provide a very moderne impression.

By the time this Courthouse was built, Joseph Finger was Houston’s foremost jewish architect.

The two-story wings were added to the Courthouse in 1966 and sit over a partially exposed basement-level parking garage.  In my opinion they are unattractive and crowd the courthouse grounds.

One side of the courthouse contains a very relaxing water feature and sculptures of children at play.

The historic courthouse is connected to a more modern judicial building by a skyway over the road that separates the structures.

Notably, I was unable to locate a cornerstone.