Liberty County Courthouse (Liberty)

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Year Built: 1931.

Architect: Corneil G. Curtis.

The Liberty County Courthouse is located in Liberty, Texas.

This Modernistic courthouse is distinguished by its raised basement, which sits above grade. Its sides are symmetrical but has a large addition on the east side which obscures its proportions.

The courthouse is faced with Texas Cordova Cream limestone and features great relief carvings, including a majestic eagle over the main entries . The bands of relief sculpture encasing the  steel stacked windows depict the history and economy of Liberty County, including covered wagons, and longhorn skulls.  Liberty bells are embossed in the steel between the windows.

With construction commenced in 1929 and completed in 1931 (facade reads “A.D. LIBERTY COVNTY 1930”) this Courthouse is an early example of Art Deco or moderne design.

The City of Liberty dates back to 1831 when it was established by a Mexican Land Commissioner  as Villa de la Santísima Trinidad de la Libertad.  Texas heroes William Barret Travis, and Sam Houston both practiced law in Liberty County.