Kaufman County Courthouse (Kaufman)

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Architect: Morey & McGill.

Year Built: 1956.

The Kaufman County Courthouse is located in the city of Kaufman, Texas. Both the county, established in 1848, and the city were named for David S. Kaufman, a U.S. Representative and diplomat from Texas.

Previous courthouses for Kaufman County were erected in 1851, 1861 and 1887.

From the Texas Historical Marker for Kaufman County:

Created February 26, 1848
Organized August 7, 1848
Named in honor of
David Spangler Kaufman
Came to Texas in 1837 and
located at Nacogdoches
Member of the Texas Congress
Member of the United States
Kaufman, the County Seat



The following image of the W.C. Dodson 1887 Second Empire design courthouse (the 3rd courthouse for Kaufman County) appears in the THC Site Atlas. The cornerstone for this long-gone edifice remains onsite and is depicted in my pictures below.

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