Bexar County’s Historic Double Height Courtroom

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The historic double height courtroom is located at the south end of the second and third floors of the Bexar County Courthouse. The courtroom was restored to its original 1896 condition and re-opened in January 2015.  Prior to the restoration, the space was divided into 2 levels used for 2 separate courtrooms since the 1960’s.

The second floor courtroom served as the District Court Presiding Courtroom and associated offices for most of my career as a young lawyer. The space was dank, less than ideal and completely devoid of historical or architectural significance.

The 3rd floor courtroom no longer exists, and instead, there is a single 25′ high courtroom with a balcony entered through the Courthouse’s 3rd floor corridor.

Unfortunately, this courtroom is  rarely used for judicial functions, but rather, serves as the Commissioner’s Courtroom where Bexar County business is conducted.

These “Fun Facts” are listed on the official site for the courtroom:

  • The floor is reclaimed wood from the 1880 Joske’s building. It is long leaf pine, a type of wood no longer being milled.
  • The plaster capitals and pilasters were recreated based on the 4th floor attic courtroom remnants.
  • The spiral stair in the Judge’s chambers originally went to the 4th floor where the Jury room and quarters were located for this courtroom.
  • The Commissioner’s Break Room contains restored 1926 paneling.

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