Trey Wilson Attorney                         

Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program

The Texas Historical Commission‘s Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program is a worthwhile cause for all who recognize the beauty, historic and cultural significant of courthouses.

I have a personal affinity for old buildings, and courthouses in particular. They have a unique feel that is part beautify, part history, and part significance born of events and trials that occurred within their walls (and sometimes on their steps and lawns).  I have had the honor of handling cases in more than 50 Texas counties throughout my career. My travels have permitted me to visit these and many more courthouses.

The Preservation Program furnishes needed restoration and promotes the value of historic preservation. Preservation builds community partnerships, bringing together governments, citizens, and businesses to celebrate a community’s rich heritage. And preservation educates a new generation about how people lived, played, worked, and worshiped in the past.

The Program has restored 70 courthouses to-date, but there is much work to be done.